Lenses that darken in the sun – Transitions Signature VII

Transitions are light organic lenses that darken in the sun.
Alcom Transitions Signature VII lenses ensure good vision, visual comfort and suitable protection by exibiting the following characteristics:

  • indoors and during the night they are clear as conventional lenses – darkening of 11%
  • in strong sun they are dark as conventional sun lenses, up to 85%
  • because they clear almost completely they are suitable for night driving
  • quick darkening
  • quick clearing
  • 100% UV-A and UV-B protection
  • reduce glare
  • reduce eye fatigue and watery eyes
  • improve contrast
  • darkening depends on the strength of the sun light
  • available in gray, brown and NEW 1.5 green color

Available in 1.5 index for smaller diopters, as multifocal lenses, impact resistant 1.53 Trivex, thinned 1.61 and 1.67 for medium and higher diopters.

NEW – 1.74 for extreme diopters.

We recommend Opal SuperClean coating for better vision and easier cleaning.

For the users over the age of 45 who need different diopters for different viewing distances we recommend Magic Transitions.

For frameless glasses (“on screws”) we recommend the unbreakable variant Trivex Transitions.


Darkening is less dependant on light. Additional coatings: hard coating, Super Anti-reflection Leybold, Hydrophobic, Clean Cote, with extremelly hard coating and low reflection.

More information on the Transitions manufacturer.


Indoors or at night
Transitions lenses are clear.
In moderate sunlight –
Transitions lenses darken.
In strong sunlight –
the lenses darken completely.



Lenses that darken even more in the sun – Transitions XTRActive™